• $2,500 - 4-Hour

  • $3,500 - 8-Hour

  • $5,500 - 12-Hour (day + 1/2)

  • $6,500 - 16-Hour (2 day)

Transportation and lodging not included in fees listed.

If what you are looking for doesn't fit into one of the packages above, I will work with you to customize a package to meet the needs of your group.




  1. Point person from company/group and Matthew engage in a scoping call to determine timeframe, retreat duration & desired outcomes (high level). (10-15 minute call)
  2. Matthew will send (anonymous) survey to either leadership team or whole group to discover key challenges, expectations & opportunities. 

  3. Matthew to analyze results and set up call with point person.

  4. Matthew and point person have a (30 minute) call to discuss results and ensure we are on the same page regarding the design and expectations of the retreat.

  5. Pre-work (if relevant) is sent out by Matthew to either all the participants or the point person.

  6. Retreat takes place.

  7. Post retreat survey is sent within 48 hours of the retreat's conclusion.

  8. Quick debrief (15 minutes) with point person during the week following the retreat.