Thanks for your interest in learning more about implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) into your company. I first want you to know that everything about EOS comes from a no-pressure approach. While implementing EOS has had profound and positive effects on the vast majority of the 26,000 companies it's been implemented in, it may not be a good fit for yours. My job is to make the tools & processes crystal clear and to demonstrate explicitly how they will address your key challenges and support your business toward clarifying and achieving your company's vision. Our job together, is to determine if there's a fit.  


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If we decide that it makes sense to move forward, I will support you in a role called the "Implementer" as I will implement EOS into your business. I will teach your leadership team the tools, facilitate discovery activities, and coach your team in the process to the point where you can confidently implement EOS on your own. To learn more about me, visit this page


EOS breaks businesses down into 6 fundamental, interconnected elements (illustrated above) and integrates a suite of tools and processes designed to increase the efficiency, alignment and profitablity across all 6 elements. It has been refined over the past 16 years and has demonstrated success in over 26,000 companies. EOS is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive entrepreneurial support system on the market.


EOS is for companies that have between 8-250 employees with annual revenues between $1m - $50m. While EOS has delivered value to companies at every stage of growth and development, some of the most successful case studies are from companies that are:

  • Preparing to scale
  • “Hitting the ceiling” and struggling in some fashion
  • Amid a transition in the company
  • Preparing for an exit in the next 6-24 months.


There are a lot of consultants out there with a lot of tools, processes and special sauces. Some of them are great and some of them less so. What makes EOS unique is the 20 core tools and processes have been distilled from the best practical knowledge of the most successful entrepreneurs and companies from the past 100 years. It translates the most significant lessons and insights from books written by entrepreneurial icons such as Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, and Michael Gerber and translates the teachings from these thought leaders and others into actionable tools that are simple and powerful. EOS takes dysfunctional business and makes them good. It helps good companies become great. 

EOS IN ACTION: Sachse Construction


If you're interested in learning more about how EOS can support your company, the next step is for me to lead a 90-minute, no obligation meeting with the leadership team. If it seems like EOS is a fit, I’ll lead a daylong training on the tools & processes, followed by two subsequent full days, each 30 days apart. There is no commitment. We'll move to the next session only if your team believes it will be valuable. Each session has a money back guarantee. To set up a 90-minute meeting to learn more, click on the button below.