I love speakingwriting and supporting people to do meaningful work in the world. I've had the chance to be a Keynote Speaker at Sustainable Brands, The Innovation Exchange, TEDx conferences and have facilitated dozens of workshops at universities, companies and conferences. My writing on innovation, education and business has been published in The Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Guardian of London, The New York Times, GOOD Magazine, The Matador Network and others.

  • By starting and growing 3 companies over 15 years, I've built my skill sets as an entrepreneur.

  • In traveling to 3 dozen countries over 7 years, I've deepened a sense of myself and the world.

  • By earning a Master's Degree in Leadership & Management, I've rounded out my experience with an academic foundation. 

I’ve been blessed to work on many amazing teams of humans and our projects have been covered by: US NEWS, USA Today, Matador Network, Fast Company, GOOD Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Bloomberg Businessweek and others.

I've supported thousands of people and teams in gaining clarity on what it is they truly want, devising a plan to achieve it and supporting them in realizing their visions. Drop me a line and let's see what we can do together.