“Matthew approached our forum retreat very differently than any other facilitator we have used over the years.  His approach is incredibly relaxed yet focused.  He has a way of getting everyone to open up and then is able to channel our responses into exercises that lead to concrete goals and steps for personal improvement.  Matthew was so in touch with each of us that he was able to reach out to us personally 6 months following the retreat and not only remind us of what our key takeaways were but ask probing questions to make sure we are continuing on our journey.  I give Matthew my highest recommendation as a forum retreat facilitator.”

                                      Matt Zemon, President & CEO, American Support

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matthew on two EO forum retreats. And both times he has surpassed my very high expectations. He has a way of getting to the heart of a matter, and because he has done his homework, he knows just how much to push you as an individual and as a group.”

Paige Zinn, Principal, Jennings

"Our team had a wonderful experience working with Matthew, who we hired to help plan and facilitate our company retreat. After the retreat he helped us prioritize several of the internal initiatives that were uncovered. We plan to work with him again in the coming year to further the development of our company vision and growth strategy. I found Matthew to be an intelligent, grounded, and empathetic facilitator. I am grateful for the role he has played in helping our company evolve in a positive direction as we grow."

Justin Belleme, Founder, JB Media Group and Co-Founder, JB Media Institute

"Working with Matthew has been incredible.  After just a few hours, I felt like he was someone I'd known for a long time and I felt like he truly understood my passions, hopes and fears.  Through my work with Matthew I was able to identify roadblocks to success and focus on how I could overcome those roadblocks to have a more successful business and more connected life.  I highly recommend working with Matthew."

Russ Jones, President, Davidson and Jones Companies

“Matthew was the facilitator at our annual executive retreat and proved to be incredibly adept at reacting to the dynamics of our group, gently redirecting or refocusing discussion, adjusting pace, and was unafraid to change direction as new paths of discussion emerged. He created a very impactful experience. Highly recommend.”

Matthew Kane, CEO, Precision BioSciences


Matthew possesses that rare gift of listening with every fiber of his being. To engage with him is to participate in a process of truly being seen, while seeing anew. He is able to anchor swiftly into a vision and then help reveal the path most clearly aligned with the gifts of your team.  When he is facilitating, there is no sense of him and us, but rather a connected, energizing experience of We. 

Annie Milroy Price, Founder Birds Eye Business Planning & Adventures

"I have had the opportunity to participate in two forum retreats that Matthew has facilitated (once in 2014 and most recently in May 2016). Matthew’s approach to each retreat was personalized and effective. He manages to keep things both very relaxed yet focused. We got through a lot of material on our last retreat without feeling rushed.  Plus, he has a way of getting everyone to feel comfortable to open up and then is able to channel our responses into exercises that lead to concrete goals and steps for personal improvement."

                                      Giles Shih, CEO, BioResource International